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Is your Church’s Data Secure? | Nick Nicholaou Part 2

Do guests use your Church's wifi? Does your church have password policies?  Keep your WiFi equipment commercial grade, make sure firewalls are setup correctly, and don't write your password on a sticky note!  Nick Nicholaou continues to give practical insights to leaders about keeping your church's data secure!

Is your Church’s Data Secure? | Nick Nicholaou Part 1

Churches posses valuable data about their congregation.  It is so important to understand and protect it!  Nick Nickolaou shares wake-up call stories and practical advice encouraging you and your church to have high standards on I.T. policies and procedures.  A topic that will become only more important in years to come!

Compensation Is More Than a Paycheck | Elaine Sommerville

Compensation strategy is so much more than a simple paycheck!  Listen in as Michael interviews Elaine Sommerville, author of the new book Church Compensation: From Strategic Plan to Compliance (2018).  While Elaine devotes much of her time on IRS issues and compliance with churches and nonprofit organizations, she saw a need for practical insights for churches and their compensation practices. 

From a Leader for a Leader | Carey Nieuwhof - Part 2

There are standards a church is held to organizationally, but what about the pastors?  Boards can protect the leader's soul with conditions and a pastor can be willing to allow "spinach in his teeth" to be pointed out.  No matter the strategy, Carey points out, a leader must have character.  

From a Leader for a Leader | Carey Nieuwhof - Part 1

Executive Pastors have the right mix of vision and execution, America is arguable already Post Christian, and workplace culture starts with, yes, the leaders!  Warren Bird and Carey Nieuwhof speak to Leaders about the pulse of the Church and a leader's role in this two part podcast.

Carey has an annual blog post about the disruptive trends he sees for churches in the upcoming year. Check it out at CareyNieuwhof.com 


After Moral Failure, the #1 Most Frequently Asked Question | Doug Sauder

When church pastors fail morally; the church body, the community, and the church leadership are all looking for answers.  Calvary Chapel in Ft. Lauderdale experienced this, and their current lead pastor, Doug Sauder, shares how the church recovered and started rebuilding trust with their congregation and community.

Guarding Your Pastor’s Soul | Dan Busby and John Pearson

What about the Pastor's soul care?  Caring for the soul of the congregation is a given, but church leadership needs to guard one another's hearts as well.  It's not obvious at times, determining the condition of your pastor's soul, but Dan and John give practical advice in what to look for and, most importantly, how to help!

Dan Busby and John Pearson have served 100's of hours on nonprofit and ministry boards over the years.  In their book, Lessons from the Church Boardroom, they explore 40 lessons for the church governing body.  

See more from their book here:


Accountability for Large Church Pastors | Matt Chandler

Hear Matt Chandler's thoughts on accountability as a large church pastor and how the Village Church implements their system of accountability for three lead pastors.



7 Essentials for Preparing for a Church Audit

Having a second set of eyes is always a good idea when it comes to reviewing something important. Undergoing an audit can be great protection for your church and encouragement for your congregation. Tune in for best practices and how to best determine the needs of your ministry.

Ed Stetzer | A Cultural Shift & The Church

As connection to church becomes more of a title and less of a relationship, impacting lives requires individual Christians living on mission. Tune in for a dive into what relational evangelism looks like today and how to effectively reach out and speak into our culture.

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