Excellence in Church Administration

Learn the best practices for Excellence in Church Administration

Preparing Pastors for Generosity Conversations | Rodney Ross - Life.Church

Starting conversations with congregants about generosity actually starts with building relationship!  Rodney Ross of Life.Church shares 4 hesitations people have on living generously.  It's already within everyone to walk generously in their life, and disciplining our churches to live like this takes intentional action(and conversations) to build trust and point others towards God's authorship on ownership.  

Is your Church’s Data Secure? | Nick Nicholaou Part 1

Churches posses valuable data about their congregation.  It is so important to understand and protect it!  Nick Nickolaou shares wake-up call stories and practical advice encouraging you and your church to have high standards on I.T. policies and procedures.  A topic that will become only more important in years to come!

Ministers Compensation The Tough Questions

You’re not the only one with questions. Listen in as we address the questions church leaders are asking about minister’s compensation.

Growing in Financial Leadership

There are many styles of stewardship cultures when it comes to financial leadership. Join us as we share insights on how to be involved in your church’s finances, including key areas of financial management and practical next steps on growing as leaders. 

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